exercise new year_600x600_dollarphotoclub_73123624If you made a promise to exercise more starting on the first of the year, three months have now passed. If you enthusiastically invested in the latest and greatest home fitness equipment or a membership at the nearest gym, how many hours have you logged in so far?
If you’ve had trouble sticking with your exercise regimen because it’s become too hard, too boring or just too _____ (you fill in the blank), here’s a New Year’s Resolution ‘addendum’ that may help.   
Don’t be an exercise “perfectionist”. That is, drop the “All or Nothing” way of thinking when it comes to exercise. Sometimes life gets in the way. That’s a fact… just as long as it’s not an excuse.
If you can’t fit in your normal workout (e.g., 45 minutes of cardio training), do what you can. If you can only squeeze in 8 minutes, then do 8 minutes. Who knows, you may find you can actually fit in more.
Apple c heart symbol_40x54Fit Tip:  Sitting is now the new smoking. One minute of exercise is always better than one minute of sitting. Make MOVING (not having to be perfect) the primary objective of your day. 🙂


  1. Karen,
    I am trying to be more consistent in my exercise and keep healthy. Thank you for your Health Reporter. Hope to see you on Friday. Your friend, Elena


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