It’s impossible to design one balance training program that meets the needs of all people. One size does not fit all.

I'd love to work together. How can I help you? At Karen Owoc Medical Fitness, we’d love to help you live a long, happy, and independent life!

Balance Training for Life and Sports - Therapeutic Exercise and Pricing

Four weeks of balance training ($175)

See FAQ’s on Medical Insurance reimbursement

Therapeutic training includes the following:

  • A customized exercise prescription designed from your assessment. Your program is delivered to you on the Karen Owoc Medical Fitness mobile app where your progress is tracked in real time. Train online inside of the gym or within the comfort and security of your own home. Your individualized balance training routine will be the most effective combination of joint mobility, sensory stimulation, muscle strength, muscle power, static balance, dynamic balance, and gait enhancement exercises. Research has shown that these exercise domains should be the foundation of every adult’s balance training program.
  • Program design includes the nine fundamental human movement patterns for effective functional training.

Karen Owoc Lifestyle Fitness Training app

Your prescribed workouts are delivered to you on the Karen Owoc Medical Fitness mobile app.
  • Exercise videos of each exercise. These videos are displayed in HD and demonstrate movements to ensure you execute them safely with the correct form and posture.
  • Includes up to two progressions or regressions prescribed as appropriate – A progression is simply a way to make an exercise more challenging through minor changes. Conversely, a regression is an approach to decrease the demand of an exercise or movement.
  • Includes one revision – A revision is a substitute for a prescribed exercise within the workout.
  • Includes one “prep program” – This is a starter workout to get you moving and to familiarize yourself with how to exercise with the app.
  • Habit coaching features – Habits are daily prescribed lifestyle actions that encourage you to become a better version of yourself. Habits span various categories of healthy living: activity, nutrition, hydration, mindfulness, and sleep. They can be scheduled in your daily to-do list (in-between workouts and body stats). You’ll have “something to work on” every day.
  • Two-way messaging (texting) for support, motivation, to answer questions, provide feedback, and keep you accountable.
  • Opportunity to participate in fun challenges where you compete and win points by working out, completing a habit, hitting your goals and personal bests, and more.


New Client Intake ($150) | 30 minutes

The 1:1 intake (virtual) is all about you. It includes:

  • Review of your health history, lifestyle habits, physical activity level, and balance confidence.
  • Several functional performance tests. These are research-proven baseline functional assessments to evaluate your current functional status and to observe your movement quality. Good outcomes are the result of an effective exercise prescription; and an effective exercise prescription needs functional assessments to know which areas to target.
  • All intakes are conducted virtually. Your session with me is secure and private.

3-Month Follow-Up Functional Assessment ($100) | 30 minutes

This 1:1 appointment (virtual) measures the effectiveness of the program and progress made in your balance training:

  • You’ll perform some of the same tests that you were given on Day One (the intake).
  • Your progress will be analyzed, that is, the percentage change in your postural stability, gait speed, and general physical function; and your current physical activity level and balance confidence.
  • The 3-month follow-up acknowledges all your hard work and is an excellent motivator if you’ve been consistent with your balance training!
  • Includes an overview of your goals to provide direction and sustain motivation.

How to Get Started

Balance Training – How to Get Started

Step 1:

Purchase the “Mobility Launch” bundle (total = $325) to enroll in the Balance Training program, which includes all you’ll need to get started:

  • One trial week (free)
  • One prep program (free) – This is a starter workout to get you moving and to familiarize yourself with how to exercise with the app.
  • New Client Intake ($150 add-on)
  • Customized balance training for 4 weeks ($175)

Click on the Mobility Launch blue square to purchase and enroll. You will receive a receipt via email. 

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Does Medicare Cover Exercise Physiology?

  • Exercise physiology benefits can vary depending on the specific plan and county in which you live. You will have to discuss this directly with the insurance company to determine whether exercise physiology benefits are included and, if so, what is covered.
  • Medicare or Medicare Advantage may cover medically necessary exercise physiology services when authorized by a doctor or other qualified healthcare provider. Click here to download a Physician Authorization Form.
  • Tips on insurance (Medicare, HSA, FSA) reiumbursements are available on Medical Insurance FAQs.

* * *

After You Purchase the Program and Intake:

You’ll be sent an Invitation Email that contains the setup link and instructed to:
  • Download the Karen Owoc Medical Fitness mobile app and ‘App Walk-through’.
  • Set Up Password and Fill Out Profile. You’ll be prompted how to do this.
  • Fill Out E-Consultation Form. This electronic form asks questions regarding your workout habits, experience, and other lifestyle questions.

* * *

After You’re Set Up In the App

  • Open your “prep program” in the mobile app. 
  • Fill out the intake forms: PAR-Q+, Waiver of Liability, Health History Questionnaire. These forms will be sent to you in a Welcome Email.

* * *

After You Fill Out the Intake Forms

  • Scan and email them to Include your completed and signed Physician Authorization if you have one.
  • Book your intake appointment. Once your completed forms are received, you’ll be contacted for scheduling.

* * *

After Your Intake:

  • Your customized balance training begins!

* * *

After the Mobility Launch:

  • When you finish the Mobility Launch, you’ll continue following your customized program. You are set up on a recurring 4-week autopay system ($175 every 4 weeks) for as long as you would like to continue training with Karen Owoc Medical Fitness.
  • Your progress will be followed throughout the program with self-reporting and/or comments after each of your training sessions. The two-way communication set up in the app is essential to tailor your program with progressions (or regressions) as appropriate.
It’s important to perform a new exercise program consistently for 12 weeks, so that your body – specifically the CNS (central nervous system), muscles, and metabolic pathways – can adapt to the exercise stimulus.
  • If you would like a 3-Month Follow-up Assessment ($100) for a formal analysis of your progress, you can request one. If you’ve been consistent with your balance training, the follow-up acknowledges all your hard work and is a great motivator!
Your age is a given. Growing old is a choice. - Karen Owoc
Your age is a given. Growing old is a choice. – Karen Owoc