Karen Owoc is a versatile talent as a health and lifestyle expert, health show host/producer, and health reporter. Click here to download the Media One-Sheet.

As the Lifestyle Expert

Multiple appearances as the healthy lifestyle expert on ABC 10’s weekday lifestyle show.

Segment topic: “How to Win the Picky Eater War”

As the Health Expert

Over 230 live interviews as the weekly health expert on KRON 4 Weekend Morning News.

Segment topic: “How to Increase Your Longevity With Better Balance”

Segment topic: “Why Belly Fat Is Linked to Disease”

Segment topic: “How to Feed the Gut for Longevity”

Segment topic: “Why Prolonged Sitting Is a Health Hazard”

Segment topic: “The Need-to-Know Myths and Facts About Gluten”

Segment topic: “How This Smell Test Can Detect Alzheimer’s”

As the Health Show Host/Producer

Emmy Award-winning news anchor John Kessler co-hosts with Karen Owoc. Guests: Dr. Neil Okamura and Dr. Mark Lollar on “Healthy Aging: Low Testosterone, Prostate Cancer, Robotic Surgery, and Osteopenia”.

As the Health Reporter

Karen reports on health and longevity in these snappy short-format segments. Segment topic: “Top Anti-Aging Foods: The Best Diet for Your Eyes”

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Karen Owoc Media One-Sheet