“Often commanding officers in the field will contact us to let us know that they have a young man or woman who is not receiving any boxes or letters from home.” –Blue Star Moms

Every 4th of July, we celebrate our independence with parades and barbecues, but here’s how we can support those who continue to secure this liberty for us. Blue Star Moms is a direct and immediate way to show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

Who Are Blue Star Mothers?

Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. (BSMA) is a national private nonprofit organization in the United States that provides support for mothers who have sons or daughters in active service in the U.S. Armed Forces. It was originally formed during World War II.
Blue Star Moms are official service chapters of BSMA.  One very active Blue Star Moms chapters in the San Francisco Bay Area service organization (Chapter 101 established in November 2001 after 9/11) is located in the San Ramon/Danville community. Their mission is to support our troops, Veterans, the wounded, and fallen. One of their main missions is sending care packages to active service members to support their mission and to let them know they are not forgotten.

What to Donate | How You Can Help

Find the list of items to be donated here. There is a separate list for Costco shoppers here.

As of this posting (7/3/2023), according to the Care Package Coordinator at Blue Star Moms, Chapter 101, they are in greatest need for the following:


  • Protein bars
  • Tuna/chicken packets
  • Single packets of nuts
  • Belvita biscuit packs
  • Gum, mints

Toiletries (travel size): 

Our troops carry heavy backpacks and there is little room to carry any extra items.

  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant

Why Our Troops Need Your Donations

Most people don’t realize that when troops are not at a large base, their supply chain is nonexistent. Blue Star Moms tries to send items they cannot get otherwise, and they depend on donations.

Shipping Out Monthly

Blue Star Moms ships out care packages every month. They accept donations all year around.

“Only 1 percent of our population today will ever wear the uniform of this nation in any of its incarnations – soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, active, Guard or Reserve.”  

–Air Force Gen. Paul J. Selva 

Please take a moment today to think about the men and women who are willing to take the great risks to protect our lives and freedom. Supporting Blue Star Moms is one way to do our part. 🙏

Where to Drop Off Donations

Coldwell Banker at the Livery: 671 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Danville, CA  94526

Drop-off Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Sat – Sun, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Other Bay Area Blue Star Mom chapters include Contra Costa, Marin County, San Mateo County, and the South Bay.

Monetary Donations

If it is more convenient to send a monetary donation, Blue Star Moms is a 501(c)(3) IRS-designated non-profit group. Tax ID Number is 84-1622728. Tax deductible donations can be mailed to:

Blue Star Moms
P.O. Box 2537
San Ramon, CA 94583

Find a Blue Star Mom Chapter In Your Area

Other Bay Area Blue Star Mom chapters include Contra Costa, Marin County, San Mateo County, and the South Bay. www.bluestarmothers.org

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