One in 3 people (with 60% of them over 65) suffer from a functional limitation.

That means, their ability to carry out simple daily activities, such as climbing stairs, bending over to tie their shoes, picking something up off the floor, or carrying groceries, is limited and perhaps, painful or not-so-simple anymore.

Listen to my radio interview on Remedying Functional Limitations with Functional Fitness on About Health, and find out what it means to be functionally fit and how to live an active, independent life well into your 80s, 90s, and beyond.

About Health is a live weekly call-in radio show and hosted this week by Dr. Will Courtenay on KPFA 94.1.


Karen Owoc

Karen Owoc is a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist specializing in cardiology. Her back-to-basics, science-based approach to longevity, nutrition, and muscle health has made her the go-to source for health seekers and medical professionals alike. Karen's best-selling book on functional longevity, Athletes in Aprons: The Nutrition Playbook to Break 100 and her transformative perspective have reshaped and mended many minds, hearts, and spirits.

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