Guest appearance on ABC10 “Sac & Co”

As children develop, they also develop likes and dislikes for different foods whereby mealtime can become a battleground with your kids (or grandkids). I chatted with host Mellisa Paul on Sac & CoABC10’s local morning TV show out of Sacramento, about how to get your picky eater to be more curious and adventurous when it comes to trying new foods.
Sac & Co_Picky Eater left
Sac & Co_Picky Eater center
Sac & Co_Picky Eater right
Sac & Co_Picky Eater wide
Above are my top picky-eater picks that I prepared for the show:

  • Inside-Out Cheeseburgers (can be made with tofu, turkey or beef)
  • Garden Pasta Salad (leaf-shaped pasta with broccoli ‘trees’ misted with olive oil)
  • Carrot Flowers in Edamame and Brown Rice
  • Lasagna Logs
  • Personal Pinwheels in Zucchini Rings
  • Surprise Branana Muffins

Karen Owoc

I’m a Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Clinical Exercise Physiologist certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, KRON 4's weekly health expert, speaker, and author of my book on functional longevity, “Athletes in Aprons: The Nutrition Playbook to Break 100".

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  1. Karen, you are such a celebrity! Nice work!! I forwarded this to my daughter, who was a finicky eater as a child. She may find this helpful for her little ones:)

    1. Thank you, Bob! I hope the video is helpful. Is your daughter still a finicky eater?

      1. Not so much. However, she won’t eat bananas:)

        1. 😊 Even if the bananas are in a muffin?

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