If you’re trying to lose some extra pounds, join 69% of American men and women over the age of 20 who are also in your shoes. Don’t fret. Here are 10 things you can do that’ll shed some weight AND don’t involve a treadmill, bike, or running around the block.

Of these 10 things, how many do you do now?

  1. I stop eating when I’m distracted by the TV, computer, phone, a magazine, or book.
  2. I eat on a 9″ plate.
  3. I use smaller utensils or chopsticks and take smaller bites of food.
  4. I always sit down to eat.
  5. I chew slowly and steadily.
  6. I finish chewing and swallowing completely before taking another bite of food.
  7. I notice the various colors and textures of the food on my plate.salmon and vegetables_dollarphotoclub_73521584_600x400
  8. I wait to drink fluids until after I’ve swallowed. That is, I don’t “gulp down” my food.
  9. I eat only when I’m physically hungry.
  10. I stop eating when I’m full.

If you did NOT check off at least 7 out of the 10, you could be a ‘mindless eater’. That is, you may be consuming too much food, don’t feel satisfied after a meal, and/or can’t remember what you ate for lunch yesterday.

To lose weight, work on practicing all of the above eating habits. In other words, eat mindfully.

Karen’s Fit Tip: It’s not going to be easy to break a lifelong habit of mindless eating, but with steady practice, you’ll find it gets easier. Just be sure to tune in to what you’re doing at the moment (i.e., stay in the present) and allow yourself enough time to eat.

“Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.” – Arthur Burt

Karen Owoc

Karen Owoc is a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist specializing in cardiology. Her back-to-basics, science-based approach to longevity, nutrition, and muscle health has made her the go-to source for health seekers and medical professionals alike. Karen's best-selling book on functional longevity, Athletes in Aprons: The Nutrition Playbook to Break 100 and her transformative perspective have reshaped and mended many minds, hearts, and spirits.

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