You walk by the candy dish and spot these jolly Christmas M&M’s? How cute… Within a nanosecond, they’ll melting in your mouth. Besides, these colorful button-shaped sweets look pretty harmless, you say. Let’s express their energy (calories) in terms of sweat equity…

How many jumping jacks would you need to do to offset a handful of these cute little bits of chocolate?

The answer:

1,400 jumping jacks! And it would take 24 minutes (nonstop) – one jumping jack per second.

1-1/2 oz M&M’s (plain, not peanut) = 210 calories (about 47 M&M’s)

Karen Owoc

I’m a Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Clinical Exercise Physiologist certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, KRON 4's weekly health expert, speaker, and author of my book on functional longevity, “Athletes in Aprons: The Nutrition Playbook to Break 100".

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  1. I will be setting a Guinness book of records for the most jumping jacks

    1. How many M&M’s do you plan on eating, John?! 🙂

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