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KRON 4 | Inexpensive Gifts for People on the Go

Today was predicted to be one of the top ten busiest holiday shopping days of the year. If you’ve run out of gift ideas, here are some great buys for that on-the-go person in your life.

I went shopping yesterday at the Sports Basement in San Ramon and was excited to find these 10 novel and practical products  — all for $30 and less!

1. Double Layer Home Socks by Woolrich- $15

KRON 4_Xmas Gifts18
Love, love, love these cushy socks! They’ll keep your feet warm and comfy with their double outer layer and super soft inner layer.

The inner layer is treated with aloe vera (yes, aloe vera!) to soothe your active feet. Not sure how long the aloe will last after repeated machine washings, but nevertheless, the fabric is silky soft.

Outer layer: 51% nylon, 39% acrylic, 7% polyester, 3% spandex. Inner layer: 97% microfiber nylon, 3% spandex.

2. Freezable Lunch Bag by Packit® – $20

It’s important to keep cold foods cold, but ice packs get wet and messy as they start to unfreeze.

No ice packs needed with this bag as the freezable gel is sewn into the walls of the bag.

This lunch bag fits a meal, snack, and a 12-oz bottle. It compactly folds up for easy storage, and the buckle handle can attach to backpacks and other bags.

KRON 4_Xmas Gifts19
Step 1: Just fold and freeze the bag overnight.

3. Inflatable Solar Light by Luci® – $20

This lightweight little light collapses to just one inch. Great for backpacking, travel, pool/patio, home, and emergencies.

Light lasts for 24 hours on the lowest setting. Charges in 7 hours in direct sunlight. Four modes: low medium, high, and one-second flashing.

These inflatable lights come in a variety of sizes and colors (for soft ambient lighting).
KRON 4_Xmas Gifts16

KRON 4_Xmas Gifts17

4. Hyperlite™ All Weather Gloves – $25

These ultra-thin gloves are wind/waterproof and can activate any touchscreen with their SoundTouchtechnology in the thumbs and index fingers.

No need to remove your gloves in the freezing cold to answer your phone! Comes in men’s and women’s sizes.
KRON 4_Xmas Gifts13

5. Flip 10 Phone Charger by GoalZero – $25 

I love the incredibly small size of this stylish phone charger and the USB flip tip for tangle-free charging. It’s as small as a lighter and can easily slip into your purse or pocket.

This charger has solar capabilities too, but you will need a Nomad Solar Panel to do that.

Takes 3 hours to recharge. Bigger sizes and colors are available.
KRON 4_Xmas Gifts7

KRON 4_Xmas Gifts12
Voila! You can power up your phone and charger simultaneously with only ONE cable.

*The mini connector that comes with the Flip 10 is not compatible with an iPhone, but you can purchase a pair on for $7.99.

6. Polar Roller by GoFit®- $30

This roller is like a rolling ice pack. You can place the roller in the freezer and roll out your tight, sore muscles while getting cold therapy at the same time.
KRON 4_Xmas Gifts4
KRON 4_Xmas Gifts5

7. Black Diamond® Spot Headlamp – $30 (reg. $40)

It’s getting darker earlier, but don’t let that hinder you from jogging, hiking, walking your pup, or seeing your way around camp.

This high-powered headlight keeps your hands free to hold a leash, trekking poles, etc. instead of a flashlight.

This headlamp has 4 modes: dimming, strobe, red (for night vision), and proximity.

Burn time: 125 hours (low setting) and 30 hours (max setting). No worries if it’s raining as this headlamp is waterproof and can be immersed up to 3.3 ft for 30 minutes.
KRON 4_Xmas Gifts2

8. Treat Pouch by Ruffwear® – $30.00

Here’s a gift for your dog on the go! Comes with an adjustable belt and belt clip.

Since you’re holding a leash in one hand, this sturdy pouch was designed with a quick-access, one-handed operation and a magnetic closure.

Great pouch for treats and other pooch essentials!
KRON4_Xmas Gifts21

9. Yeti Rambler® 20-oz Tumbler – $30

If you’re not familiar with Yeti, they’re known for their premium ice chests. This stainless steel tumbler keeps your drinks ice-cube cold even after sitting in a hot car.

Love the “No Sweat Design” as it keeps your hands dry and un-frostbit. I like the clear lid, so you can see how much you have left in your cup.

Be careful if you put scalding hot coffee in the tumbler thinking it’ll be “gulp-able” in an hour or so. The Yeti will keep your drinks steamy HOT for hours!

NOTE: Be sure you buy a Yeti from an authorized dealer, so you don’t end up with a knock-off.
KRON4_Xmas Gifts20

10. AeroPress® Coffee and Espresso Maker – $32 

AeroPress coffee comes out rich and smooth without any bitterness due to its total immersion and rapid filtering.

Makes 1-3 cups in about a minute.

Comes with a zippered nylon tote bag, so you can easily brew away from home — at the office, camping or traveling.

According to the Sports Basement team, they say this coffee and espresso maker yields remarkably great American and espresso style coffee! They love it and will swear by it even if you’re a “coffee snob”.

Includes 350 filters, filter cap, filter holder, stirrer, and scoop. Created by Alan Adler, a Stanford University lecturer and inventor who holds over 40 patents.
KRON 4_Xmas Gifts1Karen’s Fit Tip: Ask store employees for help when trying to find a gift in your price range.

I sought out several Sports Basement team members to help me. They know the hot items and where to find them!

Happy Shopping!

Karen Owoc

Karen Owoc is a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist specializing in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and lifestyle medicine. Her science-based approach to longevity, nutrition, and muscle health has made her the go-to source for health seekers and medical professionals alike. Karen's best-selling book on functional longevity, "Athletes in Aprons: The Nutrition Playbook to Break 100", and her transformative perspective have mended many minds, hearts, and spirits.

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