The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to change the way they live their lives, including how they celebrate special days of the year. Mother’s Day will have to be a little different this year, but here are some safe stay-at-home ideas to show Mom how much you love and appreciate her.

Rethinking Mother’s Day This Year

This may be one of the most meaningful Mother’s Days than ever before. If your mom has been isolated and lonely, she may likely crave to be with you — but she may be keeping that quietly to herself.

Here are some ways to still honor Mother’s Day, but in a new way…

1. Eat out while eating in.

2. Brighten her home with a house plant.

3. Be supportive of her hobby — or help her discover a new one.

4. Send her memories in a digital photo frame.

5. Take a walk or hike together, then have an indoor picnic.  

6. Make it with your own hands. 

Karen’s Fit Tip: Mother’s Day will be different this year, but there are ways to readjust, so the day can be just as memorable and thoughtful. If your mom has passed and you’re not a mom, perhaps you have an aunt, neighbor or friend who has no family. Take the time to reach out and make Mother’s Day a *special* day.



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