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As a clinical exercise physiologist, sports advocate, and media contributor on health, anti-aging, exercise, and nutrition, Karen Owoc has appeared in various media outlets and productions.


KRON 4’s weekend health expert

Karen Owoc demostrates how to win the picky eater war on ABC10 Sac & Co lifestyle/talk show.  See VIDEO below.

Karen Owoc demonstrates how to prepare a vegetarian Hawaiian luau on ABC10 Sac & Co lifestyle/talk show. See VIDEO below

Karen Owoc demonstrates healthy ways to eat pumpkin on ABC10 Sac & Co lifestyle/talk show. VIDEO LINK:
Karen Owoc demonstrates how to eat healthy on the Fourth of July on ABC10 Sac & Co lifestyle/talk show.  VIDEO LINK:

Karen Owoc presents various health tips on The Health Reporter (selected clips).

Karen Owoc, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, interviews Dr. Will Courtenay, “The Men’s Doc”, nationally-known medical expert/author on men’s emotional health on The Health Reporter.

Emmy Award-winning news anchor John Kessler, and Karen Owoc address a range of medical symptoms and treatments with Dr. Neil Okamura and Dr. Mark Lollar on The Health Reporter. Topics: Low Testosterone (Low-T), Prostate Cancer, Robotic Surgery, and Osteopenia.

Karen Owoc demonstrates how to incorporate some fun into Halloween without sacrificing your children’s teeth on ABC10 Sac & Co lifestyle/talk show.

Karen Owoc demonstrates how to put together a healthy Easter basket on ABC10 Sac & Co lifestyle/talk show.
Karen Owoc demonstrates healthy meals kids can make for Father’s Day on ABC10 Sac & Co lifestyle/talk show.


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