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How to Persevere (Even When You Really Want to Quit)

You set out this year to build new healthy habits. You revised your eating plan, stepped up the exercise, and have been sailing right along. You lost weight! Yay! BUT… today (and last week for that matter) the scale hasn’t budged. It’s not reflecting all your hard work and steady diligence. Your heart sinks. You wonder if all the hard work is worth it.
If this sounds like you, STOP the negative self talk immediately. The devil in your head will cause you to tumble backwards. Remember, the scale doesn’t reflect any changes in your muscle and fat ratios nor do they show the improvements in your heart and brain function, your blood flow, or your arteries — all the things critical to living a long, active and independent life.

Weight Loss

If this isn’t your first weight loss rodeo, focus on “changing your body composition” this time around rather than chasing that elusive number on the scale. That is, work on increasing your muscle mass and trimming the fat. If you’re sticking with your new lifestyle, it will pay off over the long term. Have faith in your efforts.
Aim for small incremental changes because those are the ones that are more likely to stick. Just relax and think about how you feel. Do you feel more energetic, lighter, more comfortable, and hopeful? If so, that’s what really counts.

How to Persevere

I found this great article on Inc.com:  5 Steps to Persevere (Even When You Really Want to Quit) — Practical advice for when your confidence and energy are at its lowestTake a couple of minutes to read it. It may inspire and support you during these times when you are struggling. Keep in mind that as long as you are trying, you are successful.

Karen Owoc
I’m an ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist, nutrition health educator, TV health and lifestyle expert, creator of Crave Healthy™, certified trainer at Brain Boot Camp, speaker, and author of my upcoming book, “Athletes in Aprons”.


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