My Culinary Point of View

A pescetarian (someone that eats fish but no other meat) since my late teens, I grew up in a ‘green’ household before it was fashionable to be green. Fresh homegrown vegetables were staples in our home and venturing out of the city to pick fruits in the country was considered a fun family thing to do.

In our culture, giving respect to the forest, to the ocean and to nature is the way of life. We ate and cooked whole food bringing vegetables straight from the garden to the table. I learned about sustainability long before it became the socially-conscious buzzword where replenishing the earth — not polluting it — was the natural rule of life.

Now, as a busy mom and business owner, cooking a winning meal that makes everyone grin is a daily dilemma and throwing it down fast is an even greater challenge. High-speed, no-sweat cooking is the key to surviving in our kitchen.

My goal is to serve ingredients that are fresh, organic (preferably local) and whole grain. I favor Hawaiian and Japanese flavors because those tastes define home to me. I love tofu-based dishes, savor ocean-friendly fish on occasion, and enjoy colorful meals filled with a vibrant palette of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

My ultimate challenge is to cut, chop and blend my family’s tastes (that range from the finicky eater to the meat-and-potatoes palate) into something they’ll all greet and eat with enthusiasm. My past work in the hotel restaurant industry as a food prep (Country French style) and as a sommelier taught me some culinary basics and how it’s possible to eat healthfully when dining out.

After years of eating simply and preparing easy kid-friendly and heart-healthy meals that are also easy on the budget, I’m sharing some of my personal favorites (see Real Food) and hope you’ll enjoy them too!