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Welcome to my website! If you’ve landed here looking to cultivate a new healthy lifestyle, I would love to be your guide. As a clinical specialist, health educator, and health and habit coach, I assist adults with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, obesity, orthopedic limitations in addition to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease.

I am fortunate to have found a platform as the weekly health expert on KRON 4 Morning News Weekend. Each week I condense new scientific studies to an 7-minute education segment, translate medical language, create visuals, and distill information into practical healthy living tips. As the recurring health expert on ABC 10 in Sacramento, I created distinctively clever, fun, and healthful food demonstrations.

My Why:  In 1990, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. After an unsuccessful surgery and due to the extent of the disease, her oncologist told us she had three months to live. My heart ached realizing she may never see her first grandchild through his first nine months. It was harsh. I refused to accept her doctor’s cruel declaration and was angry that he would strip my mom (or anyone for that matter) of life’s most powerful feeling — hope.

I heard about the Maruyama vaccine, a controversial anti-cancer agent used in Japan, and jumped through hoops to get it. This daily injection may not have been effective, but it was potent — and here’s why. This vaccine gave us hope, and clinging to hope made each day bearable. There’s something very powerful behind the chance that something good might come true.

Sadly, my mom passed away at the age of 64 just outside of the doctor’s three-month window. So with each TV segment, each Fit Tip, and each cardiac patient, spreading hope underlies every thing I do — whether it’s the hope of moving better, living longer, or just feeling happier. Medical information can be overwhelming and even depressing depending on your frame of reference. After my mom’s death, I couldn’t read a health article without worrying about my fate and family. With that said, I make a point to provide science-based news with a shot of optimism and small actions steps to live well.

I hope you’ll find inspiration, motivation, and plenty of tips here. My goal is to help you protect your brain and body from the daily wear and tear of aging and live a full, strong, and vibrant life.


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Personal Life

I have 3 kids and consider myself the luckiest mom ever. I enjoy nature and its beauty; “was” a competitive skier and instructor, but now find my thrills in rehabbing people and recipes.

Education / Certifications

B.S. Kinesiology,
concentration in Biodynamics

Certified Clinical
Exercise Physiologist

Certified Memory Program

Certified Orthopedic
Exercise Specialist

Certified Cancer
Exercise Trainer

Certified Fitness
Nutrition Specialist



Zibrio Balance Training Specialist

Living Strong, Living Well
Instructor (cancer fitness program)

Advanced Cardiovascular
Life Support (ACLS)

Basic Life Support for
Health Professionals (BLS)


2014 San Francisco
Peninsula Press Club

2008 Richard M. Aronson
Special Service