I Love MomMothers are special and keep busy mom lives. Help Mom simplify her life, get fit and keep her family healthy with these apps.
1. Web MD Mobile is a medical resource for a mom worried about her child’s symptoms and trying to decide whether to visit the pediatrician. Also includes a “Symptom Checker”, “First Aid” section, and information on “Drugs and Treatment” regarding usage, warnings and side effects on different drugs and vitamins.
2. Restaurant Nutrition allows moms to find dining locations and easily view nutritional information about restaurant menus. It’s loaded with over 250 restaurants and 60,000 food items. Restaurant Nutrition can show allergens and indicate gluten-free menus as well. Helpful for diabetics and people on low-sodium diets. Users can create multiple profiles and rate/review menu items! Android version
3. SafeDriver is for parents with kids that drive. This app documents acceleration, braking, cornering, and speed using the GPS on their teenagers iPhone. It allows for pre-set g-force and speed limits. When a violation occurs, SafeDriver will send a text message or email message identifying the vehicle being used, the time the program started and stopped, the set point exceeded, the time of the infraction, and the duration that the set point was exceeded.
4. iHealthTrax helps moms keep track of who’s been sick, when and how long family members were sick, the symptoms, medications/dosages and more. It’s especially handy for keeping information organized and when talking to the pediatrician.
5. iPeriod keeps track of menstrual cycles and fertility predictions. It compares cycles, tracks moods/symptoms, and even sends out an alert when periods are late. iPeriod is a great tool for moms when the OB-GYN needs specific cycle/symptom histories which are often hard to remember.
6. Is That Gluten Free is handy for moms with gluten intolerant kids. After typing in the product or ingredient, this app checks if a food is gluten-free within seconds and can also link to manufacturer websites for more product information. Parents also have the ability to share and rate products.
7. Sun UV Protector is an aid to moms when the kids are outdoors and need to be mindful of their UV exposure. It’s easy to lose track of time when mom and the kids are having fun in the sun. This app sends out an alert as to when to reapply sunscreen based on skin type, current position, and satellite UV Index data.
8. Sprout Pregnancy Essentials is fantastic for the new mom-to-be. This app keeps track of her weight, kicks and contractions, and her developing baby. It contains amazing 3D images during the growing phase and includes medical information for each week of pregnancy. Sprout also includes a to-do list and “M.D. Visit Planner” as well as a comprehensive list of newborn essentials and what to bring to the hospital.
9. Edibles-Diet Journal is a help to moms who want to record their weight loss progress, monitor calories, and track their BMI numbers. This app also helps track things (e.g., carbohydrate and sodium intake) for moms who are diabetic or on sodium-controlled diets.
10. Runmeter uses the phone’s GPS to track pace, distance and calories burned while running, biking, swimming, walking, hiking, skating, or skiing. This app will give audio prompts as to how she’s doing. Another great safety feature of Runmeter is its ability to email a map of her location and progress. The recipients receive a link to a google map and that shows where she is.


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