My Book

Coming soon! My book, Athletes in Aprons, on functional longevity is due to come out in the Summer 2021. What a great way to upgrade your healthy lifestyle!


Your age is a given. Growing old is a choice. Being revered as an athlete doesn’t hinge on performance; it’s grounded in perseverance. True athletes (from back-of-the-packers to cardiac patients) focus on commitment, crave being better than yesterday, and strive to finish. But in order to be more physical, you need to feed your body. You may have managed to slide through life by feeding it years of soda, chips, steaks, and pepperoni pizzas without any obvious ramifications, but it’s not enough to just fill up the tank. Eventually, your muscles, memory, and game face tell all. 

The human body is an amazing high-performance machine that accelerates, rebuilds, repairs, maneuvers, and makes decisions every minute of the day. It can’t do that if your biological pit crews (a.k.a. your cells, organs, and tissues) don’t have what they need to do their job. The chain reaction of functional breakdowns in older age is no coincidence.

In this nutrition playbook, you’ll gain an understanding of the causes behind “growing old”, so you can adjust the way you live. Armed with the right training, tools, and tips, you can control how well you feel, curb how fast you age, and live your best life!