Consumer Health Expert

Television The Health Reporter,
The Health Reporter Minute
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Consumer Health Expert

Host/Producer Karen Owoc of The Health Reporter™ television segments apply the latest in health science to the way you live, work and play. They're a series of "quick health bites" that provide solid intellectual how-to's on living longer and stronger.

The Health Reporter offers practical nutrition, cooking and fitness tips in a light, viewer-friendly style. These segments complement her blog and currently air on public cable television in 25 states plus the Caribbean and New Zealand.

In addition, Karen currently writes, produces and hosts The Health Reporter Minute and The Men's Health Minute health and fitness segments which also broadcast nationally on television and video networks.

Radio The Health Reporter Minute

Consumer Health Expert

01:26 - October 2010

Karen Owoc has also delivered her succinct reports of health news via local radio.

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