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Consumer Health Expert

Often described as vibrant, warm and energetic, Karen's sunny personality reflects her spirit of adventure, boundless curiosity, and genuine desire to connect with others. Her vast experiences in healthy living, sports and communications have made her a credible and capable health-focused host/spokesperson on television.

Exercise Physiologist
Karen is a trained exercise physiologist and writer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biodynamics (the physiology of human performance). In college, she interned in physical therapy, athletic training, and exercise physiology and also worked as a kinesiology teaching assistant which provided her with a broad base of knowledge in health fitness.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist
After college, Karen worked as a cardiac rehabilitation exercise specialist as part of a hospital health promotion team. Her experience with high-risk patients led her to become an effective Program Director for the Pritikin Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management Center in Southern California. Due to Karen’s breadth of knowledge in health fitness, human physiology, and to her passion for sifting through medical research and interviewing other experts, many have looked to Karen for motivation and reliable health information.

TV/Radio Host
As a vehicle to respond to health questions and spread the latest in health news, she created and developed The Health Reporter™ brand. Her blog, The Health Reporter provides solid intellectual how-to’s on living a longer and stronger life applying the latest in health science to the way people live, work and play.

To complement her posts and tie in her interests in TV, Karen writes, produces and hosts The Health Reporter television segments. Recently, Karen added The Health Reporter Minute™ and The Men's Health Minute™ where she delivers quick health and fitness tips nationally.

Karen Owoc, Consumer Health Expert

Her segments are an upbeat series of Karen’s "quick health bites" that offer practical nutrition, cooking and fitness tips in a light, positive and easy-to-understand style. They air nationally on public cable television stations in 25 states as well as in the Caribbean and New Zealand. The Health Reporter series has risen to be amongst the top 40 most popular videos in the community cable TV network. Karen has also delivered health news and tips via local radio.

Medical Game Show Host
Karen can handle complex medical terminology with ease and as a result, she was a 'medical game show host' for Genentech's oncology product launch.

Health News Anchor
Karen currently writes, anchors and produces for a local compact newscast delivering health and local news. Also, being credible, conversational, and innately curious, she’s a natural as the host and medical interviewer on Karen About Your Health, the nutrition segment of the county public health department’s TV health show.

Karen Owoc, Health News Anchor

Green Living Specialist
In 1999, Karen formulated and marketed her own botanical, chemical-free body and home cleaning products – ahead of the huge popularization of ‘green living’. Her clients included high-end resort spas, including the Ritz Carlton, and individuals and cancer patients at the John Muir Women’s Health Center. Also an artist, Karen applied her earlier training and work experience at Wanda Bogart Interior Design to promote healthy living with creative, non-toxic design solutions for inside the home.

Freelance Writer
In addition to expressing herself on camera and radio, Karen is a freelance writer. She feels that writing is a great way to process and organize her thoughts which makes her more articulate on camera. Karen’s sports and health articles have been published in magazines, such as USA Gymnastics, Inside Gymnastics and the Congressional Quarterly.

Sports Advocate and Entrepreneur
Karen thrives on challenges and isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone. In 2003, she embarked on her own with no working capital and built a successful sports event production company, USA Sports Management. Starting out as an unknown in a high-profile arena, she created what became identified as one of the premier men's sports competitions in the USA.

“Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down,” says Karen quoting one of her favorite sayings. During this period, she also co-founded the Fairness in Sports Foundation and tenaciously champions causes for collegiate and high school athletes.

Karen Owoc, Executive Producer

Executive Producer
Her event, the Pacific Coast Collegiate Classic, was televised by Fox Sports Net/Comcast Sports Net and its affiliates across the country for five years – the only men’s open competition to be broadcast on television. It was this men's NCAA television program, which Karen executive produced, that incited her decision to direct her professional focus on television broadcasting. The experience unveiled a passion she never knew existed.

Athletic Competitor
Karen is a native Californian and attended California State University, Sacramento which helped position her closer to the mountains. While in college, she worked as a ski instructor at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and competed on their freestyle ski team. To Karen, athletic competition can be a platform to pursue excellence, to open infinite possibilities, and to discover courage and perseverance.

Past Certifications
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) - Health Fitness Instruction

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